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When Do Cell Phones Improve Psychotherapy?

I am sitting across from Stanley* who is talking seriously about some of the difficulties he is having with his wife. His cell phone bings to indicate a new message every few minutes. Should I say something? Read More

Just a thought about people

Just a thought about people writing on their ipads during presentations - are you sure they are not taking notes about the presentation? I generally take notes on my laptop during conference papers. It saves paper, and it means having all notes collected where I can easily find them, afterwards.

May I also ask what you mean when you say ...and if he has ever really checked with his wife and his children to see if they care that his work life (and who knows what else) is always making its presence known when he is with them?
By "who knows what else" you presumably mean social contacts. Is it such a taboo in American society to have a social life outside the home? Surely not. I think that therapists need to be very careful not to impose their own ideas of what family life ought to look like, on their clients. I am not suggesting that you do that, but the presupposition that it's somehow wrong or even bad to talk to one's friends while one is around family, and that this is obviously true for all families, feels a little too strong for me.

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