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Your Car and Your Health

Can your love affair with your car help your health? Read More

Good expression about health

Good expression about health and car, when people buy a car, they take care very well of the car but after using a long time, they don't care properly and face problem. So for better running, always take care of car like health care, when getting any health problem , then immediately check up in any health center like that always check car properly in a service center.
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The article is based on true

The article is based on true facts & incidents. Jenny’s Corvette was faced the problem which was a common to all car users. Jenny’s Corvette has got a lesson from the repair cost. The problem is lack of attention towards the car service. This indicates a major issue for car users as they face trouble in future. They properly take care about their health, but forget about their cars. They regularly check up their health, but they have no time for their cars. As a result the cars show engine failure, starting problem, pick up issues etc which cost them very much.
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