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Is Your Workplace Noisy?

In “Where Sounds Have No Barrier” (NY Times 3-2-14), Phyllis Korkki discusses three kinds of office set-ups: open, enclosed, and those with glass enclosures. I was surprised to hear that open offices are hard on us because they are so quiet. She says office equipment has become so quiet, other sounds now stand out more and distract us. Read More

Noise in the workplace

First of all, that's a horrible thing to do to a dog, stealing him from his family that loves him and breaking all their hearts. Why didn't Burt just find somewhere else to work or invest in headphones or the noise cancelling things that people at gun target practice wear? Somebody should kidnap his kids and see how he likes it.
Now, about the noise at work. We have an open office here and a few of us keep our radios on low or use ipods. My problem is I work in one of the offices in the front of the plant. We have a phone intercom system and when someone wants to page another person in the (noisier) plant they feel they have to play a little tune on the phone buttons to get everyone's attention. That drives me crazy. Maybe I'll sneak in some weekend and steal all the phones.
I also know what you mean about complete silence too. Every so often our office gets really quiet and I don't want to make any noise because it will attract unwanted attention.

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