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Do You Suffer From Severe Anxiety?

Stossel, likely a 6-Questioner in the Enneagram system, tried dozens of drugs and alcohol. Then his therapist thought writing a book might help him get to the bottom of it. Read More

Thank you, this insight into

Thank you, this insight into him, and anxiety, was very helpful. Just recently, I went to the hospital during a trip. I'd been sick for 10 days, progressively getting worse until eating and even drinking was too difficult with the nausea I was experiencing.

The trip was horribly stressful. They didn't connect that at the hospital, nor did I at the time. But I had all the symptoms listed, and was aware of the stress I was under, just hadn't connected them.

As if to illustrate the point, upon returning home (cut the trip in half to escape), everything went to normal - even in transit, it was that fast.

Never underestimate the way stress can not only affect emotionally, but physically. It's rather profound it's reach when put under intense pressure.


Dear Cynthia,
Thank you for your comment. I appreciate you letting me know my blog was a help. It sounds like you'll be more aware of the connection of your body/emotions after your eye-opening experience on your trip. That's great. Elizabeth

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