The Buddha Was an Introvert

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Introverts Are Not Failed Extroverts

Shame, and its feelings of inadequacy, is a reasonable response to feeling like a failed extrovert. Of course, introverts are not failed extroverts as the burgeoning literature on introverts is demonstrating. Nevertheless, introverts may confront these feelings in a number of different situations. Read More

I have always been a quiet

I have always been a quiet guy and when i was younger i always wished i could be someone else because i would view other people as fun and energetic and i was boring and quiet. i am now 23 years old and about to graduate college but still find myself slip into my old thoughts of self pity and stress whenever someone who is an extrovert enters the room. they just seem to draw attention and fun, they're life simply looked more fun and i wanted that in my life. but the thing is i realized their version of fun is much different then mine and i started to surround myself with other people that had similar ideas of fun and i started to enjoy myself a little more. but i still feel a sense of envy whenever i see an extrovert

I'm an introvert and I don't feel inadequate

Just because introverts are in the minority, it doesn't mean we all feel inadequate. I'm introverted and I don't need affirmation from the outside world. I am also quite self-contained, so the opinions of those who aren't close to me or don't understand me, are immaterial.


That's my experience. I've always been aware of the bias and perception of this extrovert society but I've always been able to just smile and let them think what they will (though I will occasionally mess with them - hey It's a flaw) . Changing other people has never been on my todo list. Informing them might be worthwhile but they rarely ever get it and there's so much yapping involved that I don't bother anymore.

"I don't need affirmation from the outside world" - Yes! Seek no Kudos.

Should we increase the gap between extrovert or introvert?

After reading your article, I am pretty enthusiastic that we have ready help to solve our conflicts. Now the questions that in modern way of living making us more insensitive about other people's needs, and emotional supports. Everyone is rushing to fulfill their own ambition, and own goals of life! we don't even have time to support our close family members, forget about others. Obviously, what we note in most of these people's behaviors that they simply don't care. Now in an environment of such living who should blame whom? A person who doesn't have any time of relaxation for himself, how this person is supposed to think about someone else's relaxation? So, we get to witnessed a kind of rough or neutral behavior towards each other. Now to bring a change to this world, we have to be more loving ourselves to bring an awakening to our family, to our society, and to our world!

Being an introvert would be

Being an introvert would be okay if monetary reward (performance reviews etc.) were not completely contingent upon being a black slapping, jargon spewing small talker.

The Buddha did not live in the 21st Century where you have to be a "go getter" and a super salesman who can exceed goals by 10% every year for infinity.

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Arnie Kozak, Ph.D., is a clinical assistant professor of psychiatry, University of Vermont College of Medicine and founder of the Exquisite Mind Psychotherapy and Meditation Studio.


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