The Buddha Was an Introvert

Finding peace of mind in a hectic world

2013: The Year of the Introvert

The Holidays can be a challenging time for introverts. Forced, intensive socialzing from office parties to family gatherings. You may be feeling exhausted just about now and are looking forward to the New Year and the quiet it will have to offer after the tumult of tonight. Read More

Happy New Year

Your writing always appeared to be nourishing with most intellectual thoughts, and serious insights! With our aging, we are blessed with our wisdom. For some people that self-realization could be very satisfying, very rich in it's own wealth, if not materialistically, but spiritually definitely. We are totally justified to do what we do best, of course not hurting anyone in the process. My thinking is always one step forward, as I calculate my timing in this world, meaning how long am I going to be here in my physical body. So, why not try to make best use of my time, as it is allowed by God! There is truly no conflict between extroverts or introverts. In my own self, i do realize the point, when I myself love to be an introvert, meaning having my own quiet time. I have read many important people's life stories, and they all shared the same concepts that they enjoyed their own quiet time. I consider that it's healthy, it's rejuvenating, and it's a calming device to control our emotions. So, I consider that everyone out there, whether, introverts or extroverts have a lot to offer to our society, and to our world!
So, please be Happy, Healthy, and entertaining for the Year, 2014!
Happy New Year!

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Arnie Kozak, Ph.D., is a clinical assistant professor of psychiatry, University of Vermont College of Medicine and founder of the Exquisite Mind Psychotherapy and Meditation Studio.


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