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Biology of the Binge: Food, Mood, and Serotonin

Many people crave sweet and starchy foods when depressed. Recent studies suggest a biochemical connection between bingeing and mood disorders. Read More

serotonin replacement therapy

Your article is important to me. I suffered with alcoholism for 25 years.
i am sober for 20 years but i am a serious binge eater and have diabetes 2 and other related health problems. i have tried numerous anti-depressants and they did not stop the binges. i am disappointed that you did not suggest a serotonin replacement. Also, do you think that psycho-therapy is helpful? i have been (mostly) in therapy for 30 years and still binge. i hope you will respond. Thank you


I also suffer from childhood PTSD and trauma due to sexual assault in adulthood and high stress due to serious financial problems. i have found a spiritual approach to be helpful but the food issues are serious and continue unabated. what do you suggest?

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