Women's and men's varying empathic abilities

Women (most of them) are born with an intuition gene, which gives them a leg up when it comes to empathy.

Men (most of them) are not born with such a gene.

For these boys empathy needs to be taught. Beginning from two, 2 1/2, 3 to 5 years old, empathy must be taught as a skill, and constantly reinforced through all their lives until it comes as naturally as it does to (most) women.

And if it is taught, and reinforced, then war will not be possible. Men will feel, as will their opponents, the fear of soldiering, the loneliness, the pity for the opponents, the monstrous illness of any leader who would ask for such behavior of their citizens instead of taking sword to battle to face their opposite number, and

(placing swords upon the earth) talking over their disagreements, finding compromises, and finally agreement.

And if that cannot be the outcome, if wars are planned by old dinosaurs, and ordered by leaders so sick that they cannot empathize, I pray that soldiers either PLAY the wars on video screens or walk, heads held HIGH, out of their armies and beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks and farm the lands.


@Salome Waters

While I appreciate your comment you'd best learn more science and history before spouting pie in the sky theories of how empathy will change the world. Boys become aggressive or end up in war for a host of reasons much of it to due with lack of opportunities and inequality. There are as many women as men who think war is often a good idea.

If human history is to go by, all human beings are naturally antagonistic to some extent even if they are unaware of it because most thought is unconscious. see here: http://bit.ly/dYaWUc

You should read about how women treated jews in germany and how they joined in the 'hunts'. Human beings - all of them, can be painfully cruel.

Empathy is far from enough in the real world. People have different moralities, customs and moral compasses that are at odds with one another and most people will not compromise their sensibilities many people will fight to the death for their ignorance or mistaken notions no matter what.

Human must be

Human must be complete......
It must have both feminine and masculine qualities.....


Although men mind live more in intelligence more,less in spirit...

And Women mind live more in spirit more,less in intelligence......

We must balance as human not as labels female and male......

And we must remember that feminine qualities come 1st and then masculine ....

Today women are awaken to develop masculinity in them but it is matter of disgust, ignorance from men side with regard to feminine qualities........

All qualities are necessary for complete life..........

thank you....

also refer to

As a group for psychology, you must begin looking at environmental variables creating differences

If psychology as a group is to have any positive affect on society, it must remove any notion of genetic differences in any form of ability. It must begin to recognize how our individual environments greatly affect thinking, learning, motivation, awareness, experiences, and yes, feelings along with our reactions to them. Today, the myth of genetics in ability continues to create much damage to students and adults from stagnant students to many deaths each year from drug/alcohol abuse and suicide.

Today, due to much differential treatment, we are not only seeing differences in social/emotional skills and traits, we are also witnessing global differences in perceived abilities by gender in school and the office. I feel persons and groups maintain the genetics models at great peril to society. Psychologists must begin to look much more closely as environment and "must be" in the forefront to helping to prevent a very skewed skill range by gender from turning into a social war between Males and Females all due to headstrong beliefs in genetics and no regard for very important environmental variables society desperately needs to maintain a solid framework for it people.

You must end your espousing of genetics and begin using all the many wonder, environmental variables at work to help be the force to help society, not destroy it. My theory offers many wonderful cognitive variables/tools to help many students continually improve their lives and help create much more esteem and hope for all. Feel free to read, copy, and use. lynn

I'm no psychologist but..

Personal observation. Women are great at identifying their feelings. But they are really bad at identifying why they are feeling what they are feeling and they are equally as bad at figuring out what to do about it. My observation has to do with the disproportionately high rates of divorce filed by women. Maybe someone smarter than I has an opinion?

I don't buy this, but the

I don't buy this, but the author is partially correct. I think that men and women feel the same empathy, but the difference is that men don't dwell on things they cannot change, whereas women are less focused and let the emotional side of their brains control them. I think that is the reason why women have more psychological problems than men.

The other side of the problem is that women imagine problems that don't exist. Many times it's like women aren't dealing with reality, i.e mild cases of schizophrenia.

My sister and my girlfriend are not immune to this. When something bothers them, they go on and on about it, usually to find out later that they were wrong in assessing the situation. During all of this, they drag everyone around them into their mental problems.

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