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Do We Really Need More Guns On Campus?

State laws requiring colleges and universities to allow guns on their campuses are a bad idea. There's no evidence that guns on campus prevent campus crime—and there are issues characteristic of the college-aged population, such as high-risk drinking and greater vulnerability to impulsive suicide, that make it especially dangerous. Read More

"In the Chronicle of Higher

"In the Chronicle of Higher Education last June, Gary Olson, former provost of Idaho State University, stated categorically that 'there is no recorded incident in which a victim—or spectator—of a violent crime on a campus has prevented that crime by brandishing a weapon.'” This statement in itself is flawed in the fact that colleges and universities, for the majority, prohibit weapons on campus. So how can one say that this is a valid statement?

This article is refreshingly free

of the hysterics usually attached to this issue. I'm a supporter of the second amendment and gun rights, yet find the insistence that "all teachers should be armed" or "students on campus should be armed" to be exceptionally silly. Do people just assume that teachers have less mental or emotional problems than the general public? Do people assume that college students are less volatile? They are not. There are some people who would be mature and stable enough to handle the responsibility, but then you also have the issue mentioned in which the police arriving at the scene of a gunfight not knowing who is who.

Campuses should make their own rules based on their own knowledge of their student bodies, and their willingness to take responsibility for their decisions. They'd be better off to hire trained security guards than to let everyone and their dog carry.

given the argument that

given the argument that police will not be able to identify the good guy vs the bad guy....then no one should be allowed plain clothes security....this includes celebrities, politicians, etc..... the answer is very simple...guns are needed just as fire extinguishers....but we need training....real hands on intense training for everyone!

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