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The Neuroscience of Vitality, Tip 1: Neuroplasticity

As a practicing psychiatrist, I have gathered my top seven neuroscience tips for vitality that have proven to be useful for virtually all of my patients, and I am eager to share them with you. Today, I'll talk about one of the best findings in neuroscience: Our brains are neuroplastic! Read More

I guess I'm screwed. Love for

I guess I'm screwed.

Love for me has always been a painful lonely experience.

Can I learn new tricks some other way?

Love can take many forms

You can love someone else, love a place, love an experience, love a pet, and learn to love who you are! Like I said in the article, we must fall in love with ourselves, our abilities, and our activities to reach our maximum potential.

Also, dopamine plays a role in neuroplasticity. You can increase dopamine with exercise, good diet, and healthy sleeping habits.

I would have worded it differently

You seem to be telling people that they should FALL IN LOVE with their selves. That to me seems pretty narcissistic. I wouldn't tell them to FALL IN LOVE with their selves but instead would tell them to learn to love their selves.

To me their is a huge difference between LOVING yourself and being IN LOVE with yourself.

I really don't think you meant it that way, but that is the way your article reads to me.

But then again, a little narcissism can be healthy. Just hope your readers don't get to carried away with this.

Have a great day Dr.

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Eva Ritvo, M.D. is vice chair of psychiatry at the University of Miami and co-author of The Beauty Prescription: The Complete Formula for Looking and Feeling Beautiful.


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