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Three Tips For Parenting an Addict

There is a line between caring for a child with an addiction and aiding in their destruction. The truth is, sometimes the best way to show that you care for the addict is to establish and maintain strong boundaries. In many instances, these boundaries represent the addict's best chance for survival. Here are tips for parenting an addict. Read More


Any parental tips for determining the root cause of an offspring's issues?

I completely agree with

I completely agree with everything this writer has said. However, it is a lot easier said than done. I hope this message reaches parents in time, before their children are in the latter stages of the addiction. The beast is mean and the hold he has is tight. If you are a parent who is hoping your child is 'just in a phase', don't wait it out. Set strong boundaries, stick to them and never ever let your child down easy. Losing a child to these demons is akin to experiencing the death of a loved one. There are 5 stages of loss/grief; Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and finally Acceptance. I have acknowledged that my child is an alcoholic/addict though I'm still in denial sometimes (maybe, just maybe it's a phase), I feel anger, though I know it's wrong, I think about trying to bargain with God, I am often depressed as I realize the future I'd hoped for will never come to be and although, I've acknowledged the probability of my child's life long struggle, I have yet to accept that this may well be 'the way it is'.

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Howard C. Samuels, Psy.D., is a licensed therapist with a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology with years of experience, and is the founder of The Hills Treatment Center.


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