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Alcoholics are nothing like normal people. As a matter of fact, this desperate attempt to BE like normal people has led many an alcoholic to an early grave. Read More

The problem is that everyone

The problem is that everyone with a drinking problem can be labeled as an alcoholic. However,I believe the majority are not. Would you tell every obese person that they could never again eat a piece of chocolate cake? No? Then why would you ever tell someone who drinks that they could never drink again? It doesn't make sense and its not realistic for everyone.

In what way is 12 step treatment scientific?

I also believe there are people, like myself, who cannot moderate. But in what way is 12-step treatment scientific? If you really go by the "first do no harm" idea, that would really eliminate the 12 step community as a treatment for addiction since a LOT of harm is done within these communities and the recovery rate is horrendous.

Is it ever going to be possible for the treatment industry to move into more scientific treatment methods and away from 12-step? Right now I don't see how the industry can complain about people writing books offering other points of view when they cling to a treatment method created by lay people in 1938, one which refuses to change one single word no matter what new information may be discovered.

I didn't see a problem with it., Maybe because I didn't quit in AA.

I don't think that the 12 step program is the only program. I don't even think it is a good approach to quitting.

Anyway, I am a drunk and I've read a lot of literature on alcohol abuse and alcoholism. I would expecially like to invite you to read:

The NIAAA (National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism) is pretty credible in the addiction field. You might even say they are an authority.
(By the way, I know you know who the NIAAA is, I thought it might help other readers who might not.)

There are other article on this but I think you would want to read the real study and not someone's interpretation of it.

As for the Op-Ed piece, by definition it is a opinion piece. I read it and was familiar with everything cited as proof.

Are you familiar with:

That is all the guy in Finland is doing, using one drug to make another less effective. Except at Harvard they used an herb.

I didn't see anything that was wildly out of the mainstream.

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