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Thanksgiving: Snails and Feeling Grateful

Moving here when my mother was six months pregnant and with few belongings, they were astonished and grateful for the openness, kindness, and generosity of the Americans they met. I’m particularly grateful to my parents that raised my siblings and I to appreciate two cultures, while teaching us that there is no shame in being different. Read More

Sounds like...

Sounds like you're in a very good place at this time. Best to you, Glenn

and your family.

Happy Thanksgiving.

And I feel very blessed to be

And I feel very blessed to be part of the family! My memory of cooking my first Thanksgiving dinner for my new family was that Andre asked me to make "au jus" instead of gravy....tee hee, that didn't happen! Thank you for bringing back some perspective to me at this time!

And I feel very blessed to be

Kathie, I learned from you the stuffing I make to this day - and the wiseness of keeping it the same every year, My daughter is forever grateful. So is my son - No Surprises! Love that we are family!

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