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How To Give Your Date A Cookie

Have you ever had a date go wrong or a partner behave badly for some unknown reason? Follow this advice to keep them happy and acting positively towards you. Read More

love your articles!!

pls keep them coming!!

this is the sort of concrete behavioural examples that are profoundly useful and are generally hard to find. experts write in abstract terms, but for many of us, the "how" is hard to figure out, especially for people like me who have trouble with reading social cues.


I always appreciate feedback and support. I am also glad to hear that I am filling that particular niche. I too had problems finding that type of expert information in the past. So, I figured I would become an expert and create it. It's nice to know I'm hitting the mark!

I love all your articles,

I love all your articles, both how concrete and practical they are, and your fun writing style. This one I have found to be extremely useful and plan on adopting in practice! It would be great, though, if you could elaborate a bit more on how to respond to behaviours that I don't like, which may include a boyfriend not doing something he promised to do, being indifferent, or making offensive jokes, and the like.
Anyway, thanks for amazing articles, and keep the Attraction Doctor going!

Am i the only one ?

Hey,Jeremy,you're one of my favorite authors of PT,amazing article.But... am i the only one here who's feeling like B.F. Skinner right now ?

Years ago I used to carry my

Years ago I used to carry my BFs favorite chocolates in my purse everytime he did some thing super nice he got a treat, literally. It was intended to be fun and playful but it really worked - I wonder why I stopped doing that...

Please tell me you are happily married

Ive read several of your articles and if you are happily married then your advice could ring through to me 100 percent. Aren't we so foolishly sold on a piece of jewellery? lol

if someone had specifically placed you in the friend zone and had no interest in dating you and straight forward said all that and and you responded by completely running away, could any relationship, love or friendship, ever happen one day?


what happens when that someone who placed you in a friend zone just so happens to be your best friends bro who seems even a mystery to his own sister (scarcity theory)....


that your best friend is who you kept feeding cookies to, and she has devalued you and has decided to take space from least this is what it feels like, as she convinced me to ome to a city alone with only knowing her..... (again scarcity theory craving for her bro..who lived down the hall and is totally opposite of her...well not all) ...


you may have been that other half of the problem, and her spacing from you, is actually you, hurting from being alone/feelings for her bro not working out/her not responding to heartfelt texts where she once replied warmly, does not anymore....

considering i saw her and her mom at the grocery store and completely avoided them- maybe cause what i was wearing, maybe because her family was warm and my friend went cold.

concerns of when i no longer accepted their generosity to live with them free- to get my own place... being of different social class also and i didn't want to ruin their impression of me- which i felt i could not jeopardize if i went to live with them- accept their help, which is also hard for since they are all great people. They see in me what they see in themselves ... they struggled too at one point and have become successful- so loving and beautiful and i think i ruined that..

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Jeremy Nicholson, M.S.W., Ph.D., is a doctor of social and personality psychology, with a focus on influence, persuasion, and dating.


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