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Five Lifestyle Choices That Can Help You Live Longer

A new study from Northwestern University has identified 5 simple lifestyle choices that can lead to a longer and healthier life. Read More

All good but the low in

All good but the low in sodium thing has been shown to be a non-issue for most people.

Sodium is tricky.

Thank you for your comment anonymous. Please check out page 264 in my first book... Sodium is very tricky. Thank you for joining the discussion! Christopher Bergland

Some people believe that the

Some people believe that the best approach to help with changing our way of thinking, our lifestyle as a whole, is that we will constantly keep repeating ourselves that we think differently. That is not a new idea, in fact, it is very, very old. Most religious practices are connected with repeating prayers or celebration declarations. The military all over the world claim, that the new comers change their way of thinking and use the oaths, the compulsory greetings and ovations to reach it.

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