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The Neuroscience of Pleasure and Addiction

A neuroscientist in Canada recently identified how reward signals linked to pleasure and addiction are transmitted in the brain. Read More

I thought it was the best for

I thought it was the best for me until I realize that I was destroying myself and my future I took it as if it was some thing that is part of me. i was enjoying it that was what I thought little did I know that I was killing myself. Drug that is the general name for it but it has it brand depending on the one which suit you, i have been taken it for the past 7 years and I thought I was in control of it until I started behaving unusual. I was refer to rehab center after some while I found out that I was not getting better so I have to look for solution else where. That was how I was introduced to Dr Alaska when I meant with him I told him all my problems and he just advice me that all was going to be well I thought it was a joke. After treating me and telling what to do I was fine I could feel it both in my body and in my heart. What I thought was impossible became possible that is why I have took some time out today to say thank you to him for all his help. He is a simple man you can reach him on or you can call him +2348169591194

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