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Happiness As a Teen Linked to Better Love Life in Adulthood

In 1985, researchers from Canada began a study to identify how depression and anger in young adulthood affected people as they evolved through various stages of life. The study found that depression and anger in early life creates a ripple effect that can put intimate relationships at risk three decades later. Read More


As i read the article, i am reminded of my school days, also been gay and a son of a bi polar mother made me resentful and angry at life. 2 decades later life is on the external front great however i feel like i am still dragging on these issues. My love life is greatly affected, lack of intimacy and assertiveness.

I feel it is important to let your partner know of your past history, this way they can understand. Also awareness as i read this i am aware that it does play a role and becoming aware of it changes my preception that it can change. Great Article Christopher.

Teen Exercise

I think getting started as a young adult will certainly be beneficial long term in one's life, not simply for fighting depression but also for the health benefits. As we grow older, it will play a big role on both our physical and mental health so it's best to make it a habit before we are set in our ways.

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