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Slomo and the Neuroscience of Being in "The Zone"

Have you seen Josh Izenberg's short film "Slomo" that was featured in The New York Times recently? "Slomo" blew my mind on so many levels. Josh was kind enough to put me in touch with Slomo himself. In this post John Kitchin (aka Slomo) shares his insights on the neuroscience of how you can get in "the zone" and stay in "the zone." Read More

Other Related Activities to get into the Zone

Great article and the link to the documentary on John "Slomo" was truly inspiring!

While John uses rollerblading to activate the vestibular reflexes in getting into the zone, are there other similiar sport activites that could also be used?

Wondering if this could also be accomplished by swimming, yoga, or dancing, or if there is a certain speed that would be required to move the "pebbles".

Other activities to get in the Zone

Thanks for your comment DaoMing. I'm glad that you liked the article and found the John "Slomo" documentary inspiring!

Yes, I believe there are infinite ways to get into the zone including swimming, yoga, dancing... John and I both believe that you can get into the zone basically doing anything aerobic or meditative.

You bring up a terrific point about whether a person needs to be moving at a certain speed to move the "pebbles" and activate the connection of the vestibular reflex. Slomo spoke to me extensively about his personal technique but we also spoke about a wide range of ways that people access the zone, including sitting still and practicing any type of mindfulness. John believes that prayer is a way that many religions teach people how to get through the 'eye of the needle' and into the zone.

Thank you for taking the time to start a dialogue on this topic Dao Ming. I will be delving deeper into your questions in future posts and have asked Slomo to write a guest blog on "the zone." Stay tuned!

Thanks again,
Christopher Bergland

Dear Christopher, Thank you

Dear Christopher,

Thank you very much for taking the time to provide further explanation on this topic.

I am excited to discover that one has the ability to access the zone in many different ways.

Look forward to your future posts and further exploring how to activate this incredible technique!

In the meantime, will begin to start living the “Do What You Want To” way of life!

Dao Ming

Living the "Do What You Want To" way of life.

Sounds great Dao Ming! Thank you again for your comments here. Have a good night! Christopher Bergland

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