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Insomnia Creates a 24-Hour Brain Condition

Three recent studies have found various ways that chronic insomnia alters brain function and structure. Read More

Or does the 24-hour brain condition . . .

. . . create the insomnia?

Or does the 24-hour brain condition . . .

Hmm... Does the "24-hour brain condition create the insomnia?" I'm not sure. That's a great question. Thank you for starting the discussion Carolyn Kay. -Christopher Bergland

The article addresses the

The article addresses the condition insomnia is associated with decreased brain activity and function, as well as promote health issues. But it was also stated within the article that insomnia has also been shown to increase plasticity of the brain as well. With the two studies, was it different because of the age difference in subjects? In the research that lead to the increased plasticity of the brain, the age of the test subjects was not mentioned, but in the other study, an age group of an average of 32 years of age was stated in the article. Did this show direct correlation because of the age?

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