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Cannabis Targets Receptors in the Amygdala Linked to Anxiety

Researchers discover receptors in the amygdala that help explain marijuana's ability to reduce anxiety. Read More

MJ Anxiety

Growing up in the sixties, MJ was a staple of life.
With respect to anxiety, my experience is that first time users of MJ (not chronic) experience anxiety about 50% of the time. If this posit is true, I wonder why?

It is without a doubt nothing

It is without a doubt nothing new to hear that there are ups and downs to smoking marijuana. What, however, is new to me is that excessive or chronic use of the drug actually down-regulates the receptors in your brain which paradoxically increases anxiety. When marijuana began its legalization movement throughout the country, there were the battles between it and smoking cigarettes. A lot of people smoke cigarettes because they say that it calms them down. Same with marijuana. It is very interesting to me that it is the exact opposite in this case. Although in this article it does specifically say that marijuana's exogenous cannabinoids do in fact reduce anxiety. A little confusing, but very interesting to know that the brain interprets marijuana differently for different individuals.

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