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Breaking a Sweat, Madonna, and the Creative Process

How much of Madonna's boldness, enduring success, and creativity is linked to her physical stamina? Read More

Madonna's Boldness

I whole heartily agree about the physical stamina can play a huge part in being successful in life. I know since I have started running and doing CrossFit my self confidence has grown immensely. I walk now with my head held high, and I have been told I have a "positive aura that radiates around me". People want to come up and talk to me and ask for my advice. I am able to creatively give advice. I also am a Interior Designer, but career came to a halt when I developed encephalitis in my right and left temporal lobes. Left me with a lack of memory and epilepsy. Since I started my physical regime of running and cross training my memory and creative juices starting flowing again. I am really wanting to start helping people with picking their furniture and fabrics for their house. Great read and thanks!

Madonna's Boldness

Kara--Thanks so much for sharing your personal insights and experiences with physical stamina, boldness,creativity, and the power of breaking a sweat with myself and other readers. Much appreciated!

I love to hear how running and CrossFit have transformed your life and helped get your memory and creative juices going after developing encephalitis. I'm glad to hear that you are thriving Kara! Glad you enjoyed this read... Have a great night! Christopher Bergland

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