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Mindfulness Meditation Can Help You Make Smarter Decisions

In a new study, researchers found that just one 15-minute focused breathing meditation can help people make smarter decisions. Read More


I have just started meditating myself in the last month. I am finding that even if I can just shut my brain down for 3 mins. I can relax a bit. I am finding that this needs to be part of my daily routine. In the morning after I drop my kids at school, I head to the beach. I sit and stare at the ocean while listening to some soothing music. I have an Enigma CD I put in and just zone off into peaceful bliss. To get my mind focused I just start breathing deeply. I count one onethousand, two onethousand, and three onethousand on the breath in. Then repeat the same on the breath out. Even if I get a couple mins. of clear thoughts I find my day starts off in a peaceful state of mind. This is what I do throughout the day if need be. I have really come to love this way of getting me "out of my head" because being stuck up in my head festering is a very bad place to hang out.

Thank you sharing your meditation methods Kara!

Good morning Kara-Thank you for taking the time to join the discussion and sharing the specific techniques you use to get "out of your head" and create a peaceful state of mind. This is really helpful! I love that you have personalized ways to'get your mind focused and zone off into blissful peace' throughout the day.

Thanks again for sharing the details with myself and other readers. Have a great day! Christopher Bergland

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