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Childhood Family Problems Can Stunt Brain Development

New research from the UK has found that exposure to common family problems during childhood and early adolescence can stunt brain development, which could lead to mental health issues later in life. Read More

Living Proof

I for one am living proof that these research results are accurate. I grew up in a family where my parents yelled, snarled and insulted each other every single night. I was also scapegoated by my narc mother with regular physical and verbal abuse. It became "normal" for me to live in denial about all of this for decades and, as an adult, put up walls to any sort of romance. Child abuse victims often live in denial when the family has so deftly maintained a "respectable" image outside in the community. But sooner or later, the emotional volcano hidden in the subconscious erupts. And did it ever erupt, with depression, sleepless nights and horrible anxiety. Thankfully, I visited a wonderful, amazing therapist who helped me finally confront the searing pain and move forward.

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