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Pregnant Mother's Diet May Rewire Baby's Brain for Obesity

Researchers at Yale University have found that children of obese mothers who eat a high-fat diet may be more likely to have metabolic disorders and be at a higher risk of becoming obese and developing diabetes. Read More

does type of fat matter

Did it distinguish between types of fat? I found that while I was pregnant, I craved more fat than usual. Specifically, I found myself craving raw cashews and avocados.

Does the type of fat matter during pregnancy?

Thank you for raising this question! To the best of my knowledge, the study did not differentiate between different types of fat... but it would make sense that certain types of fat -- like you would find in raw cashew and avocados -- would actually be beneficial during pregnancy. Again, I do not have empirical data to support this, but will have my antennae up for studies on this topic.

I strongly believe that trusting cravings is often the best thing for body and and brain... Thank you for taking the time to join the discussion and for raising this point with myself and other readers. Much appreciated!

Have a great day, Christopher Bergland

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