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Scientists Identify Why Girls Often Mature Faster Than Boys

Researchers have discovered that the streamlining of brain connections tends to occur earlier in girls. Read More


Couldn't believe you actually mentioned the term intersexed as I've never seen an article on PT that actually mentions that we exist. And yes we do exist and are actually not all that uncommon and apparently becoming more common as I've heard the incidence of babies being born intersexed is increasing in the past decade. I'm one of the chimera type, rarer, but not all that rare, just something hardly ever discussed. I struggle with my gender identity and really I don't have one because I am a little of both. I also grew up in between as far as how quickly I matured... was raised female but believe emotionally I matured at much slower rate like males are said to. Have always had very high testosterone when tested hence my behavior. My learning style is somewhere in between so I would not have benefited I don't think in single gendered classroom regardless of which one they put me in. Not that I was ever given any choice since the vast majority of intersexed are forcefully raised as females regardless of which type of IS they have.

Thank you for your message.

Dear anonymous--Thank you for joining the discussion and sharing your personal experience of being intersex and some of the details of your struggles with gender identity in the comments here.

I really appreciate you taking the time to add a personal context to the findings of this study with myself and other PT readers in the comments here.

Building on what you said in your comment, I was reminded of a TED lecture by Alice Dreger titled "Is Anatomy Destiny?" In her observation, it's often a fuzzy line between male and female...among other anatomical distinctions.

Here's the link for anyone who's interested:

Thank you again for the personal insights on this issue anonymous!

Have a great night,
Christopher Bergland

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