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Is the Secret to a Happy Marriage Held in Your DNA?

Does divorce run in families? Are some people genetically predisposed to stay happily married? Researchers at UC Berkeley and Northwestern University have found a major clue in our DNA. The scientists have honed in on a gene involved in the regulation of serotonin and can predict how much our emotions affect our relationships. Read More

No doubt.

Psychotherapists have been lying to us for 100 years. They tell us we are born without an ego and need to spend our lives building it up. For them empowerment is a matter of bolstering the ego, building self-esteem -- the diameteic opposite of the truth.
- Rich Zubaty

Marriage is a special union

Marriage is a special union between two people. Within marriage their are constant challenges to be faced. Some couples are able to handle these challenges while others may not. Marriage takes a lot of effort and compromises. If one person is always given and the other taking this causes a conflict. It is important that couples come to some type of agreement and work together. Not just because there are children in the relationship but because they are family. If all effort is put in because of children when the grow up what is left. Couples need time to share and give attention to one another. In my family divorce is something that has occurred through the ages. I have so far made a change in our history and have been married 24 years. Sometimes its not always easy but I try to remember why I married my husband and then pray.

the personality disorder factor

Are any researchers considering combining studies / doing cross-comparisons about those in stable, happy, long-term marriages vs those with multiple divorces, WITH studies RE those with Cluster B personality disorders, as that group of pds feature emotional immaturity and emotional instability?

I'm willing to bet that those with Cluster B pds have a statistically high divorce rate and have the ineffective version of the gene mentioned in the article.

I wonder if in the future

I wonder if in the future they will develop a drug to lengthen our 5-HTTLPR alleles.

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