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Pro-Social Generosity Turns Good Deeds Into Good Feelings

A study released on August 20, 2013 by researchers at the University of British Columbia and Harvard Business School found that making a charitable donation directly to someone you know in a way that builds "pro-social" connection creates much more happiness than donating anonymously to an organization. Read More

Good topic, Chris! Being of

Good topic, Chris!
Being of limited means myself, I have to be careful about charity. I have two friends, one a disabled man and one an elderly widow, who are always in some level of need. When I give directly to them, I feel good, and they appreciate the help. In the past, when I have given to charity groups, the result was always the same. I'm giving a donation to a faceless group because of their stated cause, and the donation triggers them to start relentlessly hounding me for money, and implying that I don't give enough, and don't give often enough, and I really should do more. There is no appreciation, just whiny demands for more. I've been well cured of any desire to give to a charity. I'll stick with people I know.

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