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Sweat and the biology of bliss

Physical Activity Boosts Brain Power

Healthy children come in all shapes and sizes. Being physically fit is more important than Body Mass Index (BMI) when it comes to doing well in school. A new study published this week in the Journal of Pediatrics found that aerobic fitness has a greater effect on academic performance than weight. Read More

Taking picture on the issue from another angle

About 100 years ago Behavioral Psychology postulated that the common pattern of 'I feel – I do' can be reversed to 'I do - I feel'. I think that this paradigm is a great support to your article and the research findings; in practical aLife Coach terms it says: initiate physical activity and expect that those who will shake themselves will feel better, good or great and their overall cognitive performance will be enhanced as well.
Thanks for presenting the importent studies,
Dr. Joe

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