The Art & Science of Teaching Kids to Eat Right

Effective techniques for raising healthy and happy eaters

Is It Wrong to Pay Kids to Eat Their Veggies?

A country ravaged by overeating shouldn’t be in the business of promoting more of anything—even when what we’re pushing is healthy food. Why? More simply isn’t a healthy eating habit. Read More

Happy Bite -- what is it?

how do you use Happy Bites and try-and-spit?

Happy Bite

The Happy Bite is just that -- a happy bite. It means letting your children stop eating challenging food when they decide so that they stay happy eating that item. Salad is a good example. Many children will happily eat a bite or two of salad. If you let them stop there, they will have a happy association with salad. However, if parents push their kids to eat a few more bites, then the kids will come to view salad as undesirable because it's a source of stress.

The same philosophy is behind the try-and-spit technique. Most parents don't let their children spit out food, but they should (politely, of course). Kids who aren't sure they'll want to swallow something are, understandably, reluctant to even taste something new. So why pressure kids to do more than they're comfortable doing? Meet your kids where they are and gently bring them along!

Good luck.


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Dina Rose, Ph.D., in sociology, has helped hundreds of parents teach their kids to eat right through her blog It's Not About, workshops and individual coaching.


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