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Can Excessive Social Networking Harm Marriages?

Facebook and similar Internet sites have the potential to harm relationships. Read More


Here on Psychology Today the marital relationship is the be all and end all. The marriage MUST be preserved, honored and prioritized over everything else in life. If you spouse doesn't like your friends, you must give up your friends. If your spouse doesn't like your hobbies, your hobbies are over. If your spouse doesn't like your social media usage, guess what, your iPhone is going in the trash.

Is this what people want?

Marriage is all well and good, but people need to consider what they might have to give up before they do it. Many many studies have shown that marriage leads to personal isolation. If you marry you will be expected to focus and please your spouse, and that may come at a very very high cost.

It seems to me that perhaps

It seems to me that perhaps that the problem is somehow not using Facebook mindfully. Like not monitoring the amount of time spent on Facebook and not really thinking about general Facebook usage introspectively. I have read different studies where people actually became more happy when they used Facebook as a tool for their relationship. When we do a lot of satisfying things in life, we do them with a goal in mind. Perhaps psychologist can work with people who have relationship problems to use Facebook as a mediator for their relationship. If used properly, computer mediated communication can lead to more introspection and disclosure. Communication can be an important part to the difficult world of romantic relationships.

becoming unhappy because,,

I live alone, I went off facebook entirely, because I found the bombardment of how my life could always be better and bigger and happier, left me less happy! I can still keep updated with the issues that interests me, and still be sociable!

Sitting still, not using our bodies, like the body would, if it had a saying.
Spines hanging outside our backs? Vital organs squeezed.
Happiness is not restricted to the brain.:-)

article isn't scientifically showing anything

You have merely more of the same -- no evidence or smoking gun of any kind that social media use CAUSES harm.

Divorce increasing from 2008 to 2011 -- declaring that's caused my social media is scientifically laughable. For instance, the 2007-9 economic crash have anything to do with it? (even if employed, the world felt like it'd shifted from positive to negative).

Even if external factors were ruled out, it may be social media empowered and enabled people to get out of non-working relationships.

I wouldn't be surprised to learn that social media addiction exists and causes harm to marriages and people(same as any addiction).... but this article does nothing to prove that. It still just mere correlation and speculation.

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Joseph Nowinski, Ph.D., is the supervising psychologist at the University of Connecticut Health Center.


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