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Aggression in the workplace.

Twenty Ways to Catch Employees Who Lie at Work

Employees lie for all kinds of reasons. Here are the tips HR professionals use to catch them. Read More

Twenty ways to catch employees who lie at work

This article is ridiculous! It lacks substance and context of situations, events, genuine personality traits and a true interpretation of the expressions and gestures. If the employee simply answered "no" to the take the money question that would have been interpreted as evasive and short in answer. If any employee is questioned about theft, a natural response of an innocent party can be anger and frustration. These twenty ways would leave 9 out of 10 people appearing guilty. It is not a prerequisite for HR professions to have a masters in psychology, often a grade 12 diploma will do. These 20 ways give live ammunition to dismiss an employee based upon no actual training in the handling of firearms and interpreting human nature.


this was laughable - basically - no matter what the employee says or doesn't say - they took the money!

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