The Act of Violence

Aggression in the workplace.

Mean Girls in the Office

Women in the workplace can face a common enemy: each other. How they treat each other at work can go a long way toward helping or hurting their morale, performance, and desire to stay or quit. Every women who has worked in an office can tell stories about at least one of her colleagues who was a Mean Girl. Read More

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That's an insightful comment

That's an insightful comment about women who don't dress as expected. I've worked where I'm the only woman in the factory, and all the other women work in the office. I dress according to factory work, and get sneered at by the office women because I'm allegedly somehow making them look bad by wearing coveralls.

I made the mistake of making some of the same observations that you've made here, and pissing off all the women who behave that way but won't admit it. Both genders have their share of incompetents and idiots, but I'd rather work with men than women any day. Men who are idiots are still easier to tolerate than women who are idiots, and in general, men have less of a sense of entitlement. Another difference: men who antagonize coworkers they don't like are usually just trying to piss them off; women doing same will try to get them fired.

I am a woman who would rather

I am a woman who would rather work around other women all day than a man. I think stuff like this article perpetuates the misogynistic idea that women are difficult and overly emotional. I think we need to look at the expectations placed on women instead.


Imagine telling a woman that her dress is "inappropriate". She'll think you're jealous, confrontational, manipulative and being anything other than helpful by challenging her view of herself which is normally that incompetence can be disguised by 5" heels.

Woe to anyone who tries to take away the one thing girls like this believe they are good at - distraction.

Nice suggestion but naive!


There is so much more lee-way on women's "professional" dress than in men's that of course some women will get it wrong. As a female manager I would always prefer to lead by example, but if I really had to, I guess I could address the issue directly......Yes there are mean girls but most of them aren't that good at their jobs (probably because their focus is elsewhere, like trying to be top bitch) so they can be dispensed with at any realistic opportunity.

Only wish that men would take their fellow men's inappropriate behavior at all seriously. Had one boss who couldn't look at you in the face, only at your chest, all the while scratching his balls. Another who used to pick his nose and inspect the outcome in meetings. Or is it only accountants who do this kind of stuff? Would have thought someone would have told them it was inappropriate before they got to senior positions.....

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