The Act of Violence

Aggression in the workplace.

The Opiate Addict in Your Office

Is one of your co-workers addicted to heroin or pain pills? Read More

I worked with a heroin

I worked with a heroin addict, and with a pain pill addict. The heroin addict was the more honest of the two. The pill addict was a shareholder and had management covering for her. Doubt that is going to end well. Glad I won't be there to watch the train wreck.

When the economy is bad, people are probably more hesitant to admit a problem, too, because bosses might be just looking for any excuse to cut back on employees.

I agree.

I worked with a pill addict. The addict had multiple prescriptions from multiple doctors. He spent most of his time cutting his legal pills in half, talking about his prescriptions, his doctor appointments and his various imagined pains. I always suspected that some of those pills that he had in his many vials did not come from the pharmacy. His behavior grew louder, scarier and more abusive. He became paranoid, and started hanging out exclusively with other employees who also took pain pills. I couldn't take it anymore and quit.

Sometimes those pain pill addicts are the problem.

I've noticed that with other

I've noticed that with other people on prescription meds, too. I've only met a couple in my life, but there are some people who seem to need to feel a sense of victimhood to justify the pill use, so they get pretty loud about all the various unfair ailments that "force" them to take pills.

Funny thing, I knew a guy who was a cocaine user in his younger years. That guy was just about scared stiff of pills! He was this big, hairy, tatooed biker guy who knew lots of people who had died of drugs and stupidity, and out of all his experiences, it was *pills* that scared him the most. Again, he was more honest than the pill users.

I've had prescription pain pills a few times in my life, too, and I thoroughly enjoy them when I get to take them. I've never felt any need to take them outside of that, though. What concerns me more is that with so many people becoming pill addicts, I've had doctors refuse to prescribe pain pills for obvious injuries that show up on an xray. They don't want the liability. That leaves people in pain trying to find their own fix for it, and that won't go well, either.

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