The Act of Violence

Aggression in the workplace.

Blue Slang

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Badge bunnies and beyond....

Dr. Steve,

You could do a blog about the women who hook up with the men in blue, the majority of which are married. Something about the power behind the badge....

Bwahaha!! I love the

I love the "crossbar hotel" and "carpet cops".

I don't know any cops socially, and I tend to live in ways that mean they never have to talk to me, so I'm only going to know this stuff if someone like you comes along and writes an article. Thanks!

Blue Slang

For mental/emotional include the code "5150s"

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Steve Albrecht, D.B.A., holds degrees in English and Psychology, and a doctorate in Business Administration. He is a former police officer and domestic violence investigator with the San Diego Police. more...

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