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With Eyes Wide Open: American Teens’ Craze with Caffeine

As many teens across the nation prepare for their final exams, they are turning to a substance—a drug—to help them get through the long nights of studying. This drug, Caffeine, is widely accepted in the American culture and in fact many adults turn to it for many of the same reasons that teens do... Read More

As this article notes, the

As this article notes, the primary study cited related to teen energy drink consumption and substance abuse does not at all prove causation. That said, energy drinks are not intended for minors. This fact is not only featured via an advisory statement on energy drink packaging; the industry has also voluntarily pledged not to sell or market these products to K-12 schools. In addition, readers may be interested to know that an FDA-commissioned study on the caffeine consumption habits of teens and young adults ages 14 to 21 years found this population consumes approximately one-third the amount of caffeine as people over 21. Where did most of this caffeine come from? Beverages other than energy drinks.
-American Beverage Association

Hey! Instead of bagging on


Instead of bagging on the students for wanting to pass high school in order to have a promising future, can you please fix the public education in the States? Do you understand how many teenagers crack under our system with cutting, drugs or even alcohol? No Child Left Behind in fact hurt us, not making us better. Teenagers want to pass, not learn: welcome to high school.


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