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Trolling or Cyberbullying? Or Both?

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any advice?

Any advice on what to do when a friend (real long term friend) turns into a Troll? This has happened in both telephone conversations and online email/messages/posts/comments. I discussed the change and how harmful it was to the good and supportive aspects of our friendship, but my friend did not even seem to have a clue that things had turned so negative. They seemed really out of control with this behavior. I have blocked most internet communications and have limited phone calls and meetings to almost nothing. Any thing to salvage here or any way to reconnect in the future on a more positive note? So sad to lose a (formerly) good friend.

Friendship is a reciprocal choice

Sounds like you are doing the right thing. Open communication-face to face, preferably-is the best way to discuss this with your friend. The rest will be up to him/her, but at least you've made it clear how you feel.

If your friend doesn't respond to your requests, the next step is one you have already started to make...letting go (and as you know, that's not easy when you care for someone). Friendship is a reciprocal choice, hopefully your friend will be open to listening and changing his/her ways so you can begin to repair your friendship.

Best of Luck,

one thing wrong with this is

one thing wrong with this is trolling is a type of fishing......
that comment was not abusive nor anything eles but it was trolling trolling can be that simple not just abusive it could be a comment on a video saying "how do i play this" thats the hook brings people to help then you just laugh becase they did fall for the "hook" boom info from a real troll

please post a reply to this... cheers

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