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Teen Binge Drinking: All Too Common

One of the most widely available drugs on the market, alcohol, is making headline news again as the Center for Disease Control (CDC) releases a report that one in five high school girls engage in binge drinking. Read More

binge drinking

hey my name is molly hison and i have a drinking problem
i have drinking since i was 11 i go out everyweekend and also have a few beers with tea i am a slut to


My name is Preston and I get SOOOOOOOTURNT. I drink about 15 caprisuns a day and i smoke smarties. It just makes me feel great about myself. 99% of my grade does this also. Im not so sure about drinking booze. Thats for nerds. Caprisun is what all of the cool kids do



Teen drinking

Teenage Drinking is on the rise and we, as a society needs to do all we can to teach our children the dangers of teen drinking. When a child drinks they cause grooves to form in the brain that are not able to repair themselves. This affects the ability to remember simple thing and the long-term affects are vast; grades, social interaction, susceptibility to suicide is greater.
Teaching our teens how to deal with peer pressure and the awkwardness of adolescents is how to curb this trend and allow our future leaders to develop to the best of their ability.
The dangers od binge drinking is great alcohol poisoning can occur with having as few as four drinks in a two hour time span.

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