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Stuck in a Rut? 5 Mind-Changing Strategies to Get You Out

Is it just the winter doldrums or have you realized that you're going nowhere fast? Are you desperate to change up your life but don't have a clue where to start? This is what you can do to get yourself unstuck. Read More

I was under the impression

I was under the impression that counterfactual thinking falsely generates or proves a perception of control over certain situations something that might not always be the case. I know that the purpose of this post is to suggest a few ways to regain control over your life but isn't it also true that counterfactual thinking also protects or even keeps people from setting more attainable goals as you also add or from facing some truths about themselves ? I don't really have the answer, I am just wondering. People prefer to attribute their shortcomings to controllable aspects of themselves rather than to personality traits which are harder to change.
Thank you for a wonderful post !

counterfactual thinking

The whole question of the perception of control is really complicated, and part of the ongoing discussion about the benefits of depressive realism. It's certainly true that, generally, human beings impute more control over a situation than they actually have. The key, as I understand it, is to combine counterfactual thinking with mental contrasting which essentially relies on realism... Can it be done? And, more important, can I do it? Counterfactual thinking sitting by itself is not such a good thing...

No sexism!

"Mastering the Art of Quitting"

Stop using words like mastering, to describe achievements.

Masculinising all positive personal characteristics by default is part of systematic oppression,
and it is more powerful that many realize. Words matter!

'' Language is a powerful tool that we take for granted as benign; however, it is anything but. Language has a profound effect on our brains.''

What do you suggest?

What do you suggest? "Mistressing?" You don't need to tell someone with English degrees that language matters but, sorry, calling the title sexist is silly.

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