Tame Your Terrible Office Tyrant

How to manage childish boss behavior and thrive in your job

Stop Living for Approval at Work

I recently read a memorable quote that I sent along to many friends and colleagues: “If you live for others approval, you will die from their rejection.” The statement couldn’t be more true in your job, career, or in life, where approval and praise can seem fleeting. Rather than let acceptance consume you at work, however, take steps to avoid following the same pattern. Read More

The Power of Self Approval

This article came at a perfect time for me. Looking for approval from everyone else but yourself will get you nowhere and cause you to doubt your own intuition. The "peanut gallery" is full of opinions on the right and wrong way to do things. Confidence is gained by doing what you feel is right. Live your life on your own terms.

Glad to Read This

There is so much pressure to be accepted and to constantly get the boss's approval. Thank you for saying that the only approval needed is by the person in the mirror. It takes the pressure off and helps to refocus. I really enjoyed this blog.

An inspirational story.

An inspirational story. Eagerness for approval of some office tyrant can truly become a major obstacle in a career, distracting from what's important. To any person who recognizes themselves in Joanne - if this article doesn't wake you up, get some therapy or forever suffer from lack of self-worth.

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