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Cultural Barriers to Treating Autism

Raising a child with autism in South Asian communities has its own challenges Read More

She allows herself to be a victim…

…of another country's culture when she leaves that country, and takes the culture with her.
She complains endlessly about what South-Asian culture demands, yet she's lived in Canada for awhile? I would like to ask her where she lives—she acts like she is still in her country of origin! Maybe she should go back there, at least the mental-health workers won't be "culturally insensitive"!
I have no sympathy for this woman at all. She wants everything HER way, for the staff of another country to act according to the very values she complains of. Oh, I just want to slap her!

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Robert T. Muller, Ph.D., is a Professor of Psychology at York University, and author of the therapy book, "Trauma and the Avoidant Client."


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