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A good way to stop that oftentimes manipulative behavior is for a family member to immediately call 911 when someone threatens suicide.

A spouse is not qualified to assess suicidal intent. Calling 911 and letting the professionals deal with these situations is the best course of action.

If it's real she would get help, if it's fake I bet she would not engage in that manipulative behavior ever again with Jack.

What a punitive stance this

What a punitive stance this seems to be.

what then?

When the police burst into your house and shoot your dogs and perhaps the family member they were called to 'help,' you might regret calling them. It happens too often when people call the authorities.

This is why I don't tell the

This is why I don't tell the therapist I see about this sort of thing for me.

malicious manipulative suicide threats, tales from the couch

i can't believe this woman did this to her husband, threatening suicide if he left, I can't imagine a much more awful thing to do to someone else. you couldn't trust her with antidepressants? oh come on. really? there would seem to be plenty of other ways to kill yourself then to swallow to many antidepressants. what a horrid woman. I hope she didn't take up a bed on the psyche ward someone who needed it should have had that day. she apparently was well enought to come to your office AFTER he left and then play games with you too. this makes me furious. I'm glad you are concerned about your patients but frankly I can't believe she was admitted, she HAD to have had private insurance, in my county they would have put up with her for about two minutes and sent her home. she needs help, of some kind, that seems true.

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