A Swim in Denial

What we can't think about and how it shapes us.

Average Terror

In hero-worship we attribute wishful powers to a leader or a lover in hopes that they can protect us. When heroes abuse you and hero-worship starts turning into self-hatred, it's time for a fresh look at the flip side: the terror of the average life. Read More

Fear Of Death

The problem is the ego and the fear of death.
We want immortality so that's why we build massive
edifeses. We must face our fear of death, undergo
symbolic death, and raise like the Phenox. That's what
baptism means.


I failed to see how the discussion could arrive at baptism in just one single comment...

Spiritual "Baptism"

Baptism symbolizes submersion "burial" and resserection.
We must undergo "ego" death, and discover that there
is rebirth, and life after this sort of "death."

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