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Beating Up Baby

One out of every four American kids lives in a family that had trouble finding the money to feed them last year. The psychology of wealth is working against those kids. Why aren't we nurturing them? Read More

...so it's all politics and money?

It couldn't possibly have anything to do with teaching people to be self-sufficient. I never starved to death, even though I grew up poor. My parents refused to go on food stamps, and people in the community respected them for that. Instead of a handout from the government, which mismanages our tax dollars and does a poor job of "helping" anyone, people in the community helped us. We never asked for anything, but neighbors and even people we only knew in passing brought us bread, milk, beans, flour, etc. They knew that we had a need, and instead of relying on the government to provide it, those that could help us did what they thought was best.

You can sit on your fluffy pillow in the clouds where you obviously make enough money to pass judgement on those of us that are austere, and I'll go about saving this country for my children. I want my neighbors to be self-sufficient, and if they have a real need that I see, I'll help them when I can. Try to let people be individuals though. I'll decide if I have the means to help, if I'm best suited (forgive the reference to anything that resembles trousers, since that obviously is a hot button for you) to help, and to what degree I help. I don't need a behemoth federal government to make those decision for me. I'm too independent for that, and I'm not stupid enough to let my neighbors starve.

In fact, I'm a little offended that you think Americans would let their neighbors starve. Why would I let them get near starvation? I'd hate to have to shoot my neighbors when they try to steal from me or see property values decline because of increased crime. Like I said, I'm smart enough to take care of the people in my community because I'm invested in it.

Oh, and I'm a woman who is not bothered by trousers. I have several pair.

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