Surviving (Your Child's) Adolescence

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Conducting Verbal Conflict with Your Adolescent

For many parents, conflict has been given a bad name, as though it signifies something wrong in the relationship, when this is not so. Conflict is the process people use to broker significant differences between them that make getting along at the moment hard to do. Well conducted, it is a helpful process that advances a relationship with understanding and resolution. Read More

Conflict is not healthy

But rather a sign that an individual is socially maladjusted and unable to get along with others.
Frequent home conflict means that parents are not enforcing proper discipline.

Good comment

Yes, one sign of a person who seems unable to get along with others is frequency of conflict with others. Here conflict is for purposes of opposition only. There is no desire for resolution.

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Carl Pickhardt, Ph.D., is a psychologist in Austin, Texas. His most recent books are: The Connected Father, The Future of Your Only Child, and Stop Screaming.


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