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These are all temporary fixes

What happens when you realize civilization is a useless game? When everything feels like distraction, like a trick?
Why are people increasingly unhappy with an endless number of things to do?
Why bother, if it's all "killing time"?

Increasingly unhappy?

I'm very sorry to read your perspective. I don't think there's any research pointing to the fact that people are increasingly unhappy. I've certainly had days (and at one point in my life even months) of feeling that we're just killing time, but my perspective is that the good days and the good things that we do for one another make it worth it.

Boredom and depression kind

Boredom and depression kind of overlap. Not chronic but the depression from the day to day activities is really hard to fight with it. and continuing the trend of this forum, it is killing me , very slowly but surely.

Boredom and Learning Intelligence

We should acknowledge boredom and the article highlights some great strategies. In relation to learning boredom should indicate that your learning needs are not being met. Don't just hope something will come along and change things for you. You need to take control of your learning environment in a way that allows you to manage it to meet your needs. I call this Learning Intelligence or LQ for short. Here is my article on LQ and boredom:

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