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Jumping the Queue

In the UK, children with ADHD are now being granted "priority wristbands" to if they present letters from their doctors. The wristbands permit them to go on rides right away without having to wait on lines. Read More


As a mother of seven, the fifth having ADHD and other co-morbidities, I have to say that it's about time society made changes to suit the people who live on this planet and have real problems that do exist, so that everyone can live happily together. There's a lot of misunderstanding and prejudice about these kids' conditions. My six well trained kids have to constantly miss out because going anywhere with my intellectually disabled son is way too difficult. Having a kid stuck in infantile developmental stages is hard. Being divorced because of it, as is so often the case, is also hard. I recommend more awareness of mental health issues to bridge the huge gap between the well trained people of the world and the intellectually disadvantaged who actually do live on this planet too, and should be accomodated for. Most people who complain have no idea of what it's like to live like an ADHD child. There's so much pain involved. They are disadvantaged in other ways for life!


I have ADD. I have and always will stand in line very patiently daydreaming.
These children that are hyperactive have either Depression or are Bipolar. ADHD is a label Depressed mothers give their Depressed children because It's an easier label to swallow instead of chronic Depressive.


Reply to David

It's really good that you can wait in line, David. But every case is different and not all kids have the capability to do so. Though it does seem unfair for some kids to be treated differently in this article, there is one very important premise that must be understood; LIFE IS UNFAIR. Who decides who has problems and doesn't? Not the victim, for sure. And for the record, I'm not depressed and my son does not have depression or bi-polar and has been diagnosed by many professionals, not myself.

Protecting my own.

ADD is considered a mild mental illness which means there are no ostensible signs except falling behind in school. It is very difficult to diagnose and is misdiagnosed all the time. Children with just ADD are not hyperactive this is a fallacy. Sincerely,David

I see a few problems with

I see a few problems with this. If one must wait in line for an hour per ride, and are at the park for 4 hours, then normal children can ride 4 rides per day. But if some children can go to the front of the line, and assuming each ride is 5 minutes long, then those children could ride 80 rides per day. 80 vs 4.

Disorders like these are already over diagnosed... its every child's dream to get what they want it, when they want it... and its every parents dream to give their children what they want, when they want it, if for no other reason than to make them be quiet...

So it seems like as 'perks' like this are introduced, it will persuade many more parents and children to push to have their children diagnosed with ADD or ADHD, after all there's no painful therapies involved, and even if the diagnosis is wrong think of all the perks. Its a great way to hedge one's bets.

This is actually bad I feel for parents with children who have real cases of ADHD. As these types of perks are introduced the backlash will be tremendous and the ridicule and dislike of these kids who take advantage of these things over other kids will be immense and only contribute more to their social developmental problems (and I call them perks, because a wheelchair bound person could not possibly go up stairs without a ramp, but an ADHD child could (and all over the world does all the time) wait in line. Obese people probably also have difficulty waiting in long lines, perhaps more so as it can be physically painful to their backs, but you can imagine the uproar if they were allowed to stream in front of everyone else.

All problems can be managed appropriately

Yes, it does not seem fair. However, an ADHD child cannot wait in line and I'm not sure what ADHD children you have seen "all over the world", Daniel, doing such. Yes, the goal is to move the child from the position of demanding instant gratification to a more tolerable position of patience. But for such kids, the process is a lot longer. I know that if my kid with ADHD had to wait in line for that long he'd probably run off and terrorise a kiosk attendant or some other distraction. It's go, go, go for these little ones. Yes, progress does happen with lots of intervention. But for siblings to be robbed of their childhood because of this is also not appropriate.
I suggest the idea of fast tracking those who truly need it, limiting their ride accessability to x number of rides per day, then re-inforcing the fact that when they CAN wait in line they can go on more times. That way they can do the rounds on the park rides, finish, then go home. This way they are accomodated for but not indulged.
It is very important to live in reality regarding the real problems of those suffering intelectual disabilities. We tend to judge based upon our own experience and knowledge. Unfortunately public awareness about the real issues is limited, if not completely absent.

In Defence of David

Ten years ago all the kids with ADHD had to wait in lines, there was no such special acomidation. It wasn't easy, it wasn't fun, and half the time we wound up flipping out and crying, but we learned to deal with it, because there wasn't any way around it. I'm sure it was a serious pain in our parents behinds having to deal with that kind of behavior, but like others have said, life isn't fair.

I'm all for these front of line passes for kids with neuro-differences that will require lifetime interventions and accommodations, like some Autistic kids, but kids with ADHD are expected to grow up and become independently living adults. There will be NO accommodations for them when they're grown, and if these kids aren't made to deal with learning to wait as kids, they're going to be ill-equipped to handle lines as adults.

More ideas for family fun

Great points here. If you have an iPhone/iPad check out "A Family Matters" on iTunes for hundreds of ideas to keep you family entertained and enjoying each others company while waiting or traveling.

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