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Dallas Mayor’s Symposium a First Step Toward Mental Health

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Against Manic Men

Nice to hear from you, Julie. You know...a real woman with real thoughts. I was forced,by my eyes,to read the super phony Maya Angelou piece. My critical posting was deleted. I thought only Oprah protected her. Apparently,spiritual Harvard graduates do as well.

I've been feeling kind of mean, of late, towards insensitive Bipolar men.

Why do Bipolar men protect other seriously mentally ill Bipolar men?
Maybe It's no surprise,considering when dysfunctional passivity and Bipolarity team up,sexual abuse is possible with this spectrum.

Why did the sweet Andrew Solomon allow the hyper-sexual and psychotic Bipolar,Bill Clinton, blurb on his new book? Why do mentally ill men who ''mind abuse'' their wife through infidelity, get a free pass?

Why did the sweet Charlie Rose interview the cheater, and wife leaving Bipolar, Al Gore?
Al,save yourself, the world doesn't need you.

Why does Hillary and Tipper protect these abusive men? Why not talk about the psychosis and Bipolarity their husbands experience,and add to the public discussion instead of letting Bill hide behind book blurbs? What a bunch of spineless cowards.How nice of these punks to be able to publicly humiliate their spouses and ''keep them quiet".

Charlie Rose should interview the brilliant, James L. Knoll, and the brilliant, Ronald Pies.
Isn't Peter D. Kramer (the Godfather) due to show up soon?

How about the brilliant ,Robert Sapolsky?
How about the Brilliant,Christopher Badcock?

Sorry Al and Bill, You won't bend me over a barrel.

If Bipolar men think that,my thinking up a world changing thought is going to soften my rhetoric,they got another thing coming.

Thanks for being my therapist, Julie.
Lucky you!

REBT to the rescue


great to hear from you as always. You know it is funny, I just took a course in Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy up at the Albert Ellis institute in NYC. Do you know about Ellis's work? He was one of the early cognitive behavior thinkers - actually before they even called it cognitive behavior. His theory in a nutshell is that emotional disturbances don't occur because of events, but rather our beliefs about the events. For example - assume 100 people are brutally abused. Those 100 people will react to the same act individually. Ellis believes if you can change your core irrational beliefs you can reduce emotional disturbance.

So I am with you, there are a lot of people who tick me off because they behave in ways that seem wrong or immoral to me. Ellis would say most emotional disturbances occur because we DEMAND others to adhere to our standards. For example, if I have a friend who is constantly late and it infuriates me for years - who is really being irrational? That friend is being consistent and I am asking her to adhere to my standard of timeliness.

Ellis says it's okay to want something to change and to drive change, but replace your outrage with a more rational thought. For example replace "How could Hillary do this!!!" with "You know, i wish Hillary would not do this, but she does not have to do what I want."

Anyway - I just took the course this weekend and am using this thought process everywhere. Try it on and see if it works. You can order books on the Albert Ellis Institute website if you're curious:

BTW Andrew Solomon is a great guy, brilliant and realizes that a lot of people love Bill Clinton. He's trying to sell books. Agree with you about Kramer and Sapolsky, especially Sapolsky. Heard him speak a year ago and Why Zebras Don't get Ulcers is a favorite. Looks like I need to do some reading on Braddock, Knoll and Pies. Thanks for the tip!any suggestions on what i need to read first?



I admit I'm not the lest bit confused. That was just a subtle way to let the womanizing Bipolar men know that I'm not a malleable Bipolar woman. Perhaps Al and Bill didn't get the ''Things Changed'' memo. I'm a very forgiving person. When Bill admits to being a psychotic Bipolar and talks about psychiatric medicine,I'll forgive him.

Solomon has reality problems. Why did he say he only had ''Major Depression'', after It was well known, because of my theory, that Homosexuals,Bisexuals, and Transgender people can only be born on the Bipolar spectrum? He continues to endanger the homosexual community by not correcting the misdiagnoses.

Solomon slapped millions of women in the face when he let Clinton blurb on his book. Hardly a sensitive move.

He has some repairs to mend,in my mind. These aren't my high standards,these are normal standards.

''Badcock'' -Correction

Read anything with their names on it. If it says, Al Gore , Bill Clinton, or Maya Angelou don't read it.

I'm still playing nice. I'm not mad.

Not yet.

For the super clueless -Paula Coplan

That's Master Knoll To you.

Time me,Paula.

Ever a bed wetter? Yes!

Ever have colon cancer? Yes!

You're Bipolar with ADHD.

How many seconds was that?

Too fast Paula?

You're Funny.

""Caplan'' - correction

""Caplan'' - correction

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