Stronger at the Broken Places

How challenges can strengthen your relationship

Why You Shouldn’t Pick Your Battles

While most of the differences that couples have are not of the deal-breaking variety, there are some that are genuinely challenging. What is important when faced with one of these situations is to try to remember that the way that we engage in the process has everything to do with its outcome. The way we get there is what we get! Read More

I strongly agree!

Thanks for the article! I thought it was delightful and very in-depth. Although, I am still inexperience with relationship problem solving, I have learned through numerous lessons and experiences that, it is very important to take a stand for what we believe in and never to point fingers. By blaming others for their mistakes, we tend to lose sight of the real problem. The problem between two people and not just one person.

It's always a good guideline

It's always a good guideline to search out our complicity in a breakdown. That's the place where we have the best chance of putting in a correction. Generally speaking, when we are responsible, it invites our partner to take responsibility for their part as well.

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