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5 Reasons Why Being Different Can Affect Your Self-Esteem

When you stand out from others, it can sometimes be natural to become self-conscious about your body. This can often result in multiple negative outcomes for you and your self-image. It’s important to realize that we are not being watched constantly and that we are each inherently beautiful in some way. Read More

Is it all about the individual?

Whilst I am totally in agreement that self perception can be altered to lead to self acceptance, this is not just an individual problem. I have raised 2 children in a culture that is fairly 'openminded' and accepting. I have ensured that they have a very high bar on what is 'normal'. If we lived somewhere much more conservative this would be problematic. I am not seen as different in my cosmopolitan and liberal environment, but I would be ostracised in a conservative, church going one, for example.

Image Is Everthing

Andrea Aggosy, a great tennis player said image is every-
thing. Isn't that what Travis Alexander felt about Jodi

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Nathaniel Lambert, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor at the School of Family Life at Brigham Young University. 


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