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In Hookups, Alcohol Is College Students' Best Friend

It's no secret that casual sex often goes hand-in-hand with alcohol. But how common is drinking before casual sex exactly? And are we talking just a couple of drinks or getting so wasted you have no absolutely no memory how you ended up naked in a stranger’s bed the next day? A new study sheds some light on these questions. Read More

I didn't drink or smoke until

I didn't drink or smoke until I got into college and realized that it wasn't all that exciting like some people make it to be. Sure your will have a tremendous amount of fun and endless college memories but don't forgot about the senseless things and trouble that comes along with casual drinking.

Alcohol truly does play a

Alcohol truly does play a role in hooking up on many college campuses. Many girls and guys are insecure and use it to break the ice initially, but in many cases it winds up going alot further. College students hook up with and without alcohol though. I knew many people who had FWBs on a consistent basis. It was a mutual arrangement between the two to de-stress and relax. Their hooking up didn't always involve alcohol and they didn't necessarily meet that person at a party.

What if you would rather be sober during casual hookups?

Back in the day, I wanted to remain sober so I could give the male flavor of the hour something to moan about. I don't see how someone can be an efficient lover while being drunk. I liked to fully experience every minute of a new conquest. What are some women thinking?

Not all of the girls and guys

Not all of the girls and guys are drunk when they hook up. I knew plenty that met someone in class and went back to their dorm rooms for a quickie in between classes. But, many freshman girls who are still insecure about themselves and adjusting to the whole college scene tend to drink more to fit in. When they do they over do it and put themselves in vulnerable situations that they regret later. Although, some girls don't regret it, but instead brag about how many guys they hooked up with each semester. But, I do agree with you that sober sex is way better than sloppy drunk sex.

Alcohol as part of social events where hookups happen

The study and/or article misses several things, some good, some bad.

For college students, casual hookups often happen at social events, and social events tend to have alcohol. Sometimes it's people you meet in the dorm or in class, but often it's at parties or bars, and most people there tend to have one or more drinks. (Perhaps that's less true for US college students today than when I was in college, because the drinking age is 21 rather than 18, but I assume drinking ages still aren't enforced very strictly except at bars, nor are marijuana-smoking ages.) Some of them may be drinking to get the courage to talk to other people, or to get drunk, but even those who aren't probably had a drink.

The bad part is sex that wasn't consensual because one or both partners were drunk. Sometimes it's deliberate assault, sometimes it's just bad decision-making by one or both partners (who may have both gone to a bar intending to get drunk and hook up, but still weren't making coherent consent decisions after they were drunk.)

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